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  • Patients looking to manage their busy schedules are increasingly looking to use online appointment services to book their next eye exam. This is a new opportunity for practices to use digital technology to work for them even outside of practice hours.

  • We are living in a world where there are more tools and online services than ever before. Marketing Automation is a technology which allows you to schedule your marketing activities and communications in advance, and in response to your customers actions as

  • Patient profiles are an important part of practice marketing. Identifying common groups that purchase in the same way allow you to refine and enhance your services to really add value to your patients experience, while paying attention to your bottom line.

  • A practice has many assets which bring value and sustainability to the business… physical location and shopfit, staff, referral network and community ties, practice reputation, but most essentially its network of current patients. In marketing terms, more

  • We have never seen a particularly good way of tracking word-of-mouth via traditional marketing methods. There are new digital marketing tools to track your new patient enquiries which makes online reviews a very powerful amplifier to your practice marketing

  • As an emerging startup company, we started because we wanted to solve a problem which was to give Optometrists greater access to marketing technology by making it more affordable, and easier to use.