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Patient e-newsletters

We know that patients use search engines to self-diagnose. Then they get confusing results and don’t know what to do.

Be pro-active in being the source of relieable information referring people to reach out you to for their questions, concerns and lifestyle advice.

Pricing: $175/month includes sending!

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We know there are various levels of business support available to practice owners, usually at a significant cost. Our resources focus on turn-key implementation so you won’t need to spend hours tinkering.

Package Price - $499/month​

One price for all 3 patient education tools, monthly e-newsletters, website blog posts, and topical social media posts.

Single Solutions - $175/month

Choose one or more patient content tools to support your teams marketing initiatives. Save yourself the time, ensuring reliable quality.

Blog Posts on your Site

Make your website a destination for regular patient visits. Topical blog posts can help keep your patients connected.

Pricing: $175/month

Suitable for Independent Optometrists

Social Media Posts

Our program is designed to provide a reliable feed of optometry content which establishes your practice as a go-to resource for all things eyewear and eye care.

We have established a themed content series that is a simple way to convey the importance of maintaining lifelong eye health, while being fashionable and seeing at your best!

1 post per week, that’s over 50 posts per year designed for you, with your own themed colours and branding. We release a new content packs continuously!

Pricing: $199/month for posts and scheduling
Optometry Marketing

Tech and Marketing Solutions

A complementary extension to your practice team. Easy task-request and service delivery. We provide easy to use Tech Tools to help your practice achieve more.

SMS Campaigns

Use your patient database to get an immediate response to promotions, while respecting opt-ins.

Social Media Campaigns

Run targeted ads that are geo-targeted to your local area. Spend marketing dollars wisely.

Letter Campaigns

For older patient demographics, you can connect via print & post. Lots of templates available.

Optometry Websites

Mobile websites are the new standard. Is yours up to scratch? Do you know how many visitors you are getting?

E-commerce Add-Ons

Being able to transact online is a strategic advantage for many reasons. We have a turn-key solution for you.

Automated Newsletters

Email newsletters are a powerful way to stay connected with patients between appointments. Don't miss out.
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