About Us

A behind the scenes look at our team of Optometry Marketing Experts, with over 15 years experience in working with practices in all things eye care and optical retail.

Our Story & Work

OptomEDGE is a team of practice marketing specialists with years of optical industry experience combined with extensive digital and marketing expertise. Developed to give practices an edge to thrive in the digital era of changed consumer behaviour and empowerment, OptomEDGE services comprise of dynamic patient recall solutions and digital marketing services.

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Positive ROI

We pursue areas that can be measured. This gives you valuable feedback to know if your marketing dollars are getting the results you need!

Making it Easy

Your team dynamic is an important part of your success. Everything we do is designed to empower your team, while shouldering some of the workload through technology and our content templates.

Pay for Performance

We are mindful that most practices have not had great experiences with any form of marketing in the past... how frustrating! We can work with any budget to demonstrate success and build upwards from there to get results that you can see.

Global Scope

We are a digital agency that operates an online service and support model. Reach out to us by email wherever in the world you may be. We have worked with optometrists in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa... and the list is growing.

Practice Marketing that Works!


Dynamic Patient Recalls

Multiple rounds of communication with Email, SMS, and optical printed Letters. Smart, efficient, and according to patient preferences.

Google Ads

Online advertising works, especially with Google Ads. We have spent many years growing practice revenue through online appointments, new patient visits and optical purchases.

Facebook Marketing

This ever-evolving platform is becoming difficult to reach your local audience. We help you promote key areas of optometry to help build awareness of the solutions you offer.

Websites and SEO

Our focus on marketing results means that our website development is laser focused on including elements that attract the right web traffic which converts into phone calls and online appointments.

Promotional Campaigns

One of the largest untapped opportunities for your practice is to maintain a regular calendar of promotions and eye health awareness campaigns. We provide turn-key campaign materials, and report on the results.

Email Newsletters

Regular patient communication is an important tool for retention, to ensure that you are the first choice for eye care when it comes time for the next appointment. Email newsletters are a cheap and easy way to stay in touch.

Working Together to Get Results!

Our team is continually working on ways to develop scalable and customisable campaign materials for Optometry practices. We welcome any ideas that you would like to see come to fruition!


Practice Technology

Technical Director

Always keeping an eye on the latest technology platforms to use for marketing campaigns. Our director, Robert manages select marketing campaigns, and is a keen advocate of using personalization to build stronger connections with patients.


Patient Communications

Recalls and Patient Retention

It takes a keen eye for data and reporting to monitor patient recall effectiveness. We prepare recall communication batches with ease, and help to target improved recall rates.


Graphic and Web Design

Our design team monitors all the latest trends across social media and from optical suppliers. We ensure that your message is polished, professional, and engaging.


We are continually in pursuit of lifetime patient value, which highlights the need to nuture your patient relationships over time.