Our industry has the dual benefit of providing clinical outcomes, but also with the element of STYLE! Patient marketing is an art form and our team has spent years refining what works across both print and digital media. We will bring any idea that you have to life, or choose from our proven, ready-made campaigns.

Positive ROI

We pursue areas that can be measured. This gives you valuable feedback to know if your marketing dollars are getting the results you need!


Making It Easy

Your team dynamic is an important part of your success. Everything we do is designed to empower your team, while shouldering some of the workload through technology and our content templates.


Pay For Performance

We are mindful that most practices have not had great experiences with any form of marketing in the past… how frustrating! We can work with any budget to demonstrate success and build upwards from there to get results that you can see.


Global Scope

We are a digital agency that operates an online service and support model. Reach out to us by email wherever in the world you may be. We have worked with optometrists in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa… and the list is growing.


We know the optical industry front to back. We know there are many different levels of expertise and support from your existing network, such as from suppliers, industry associations, and membership groups. We are here to see what works well and propose ways to improve upon it even further. There is no quick fix, creating quality content and campaigns requires creativity, and savvy marketing expertise. Our services start from $50/month, the idea is to offer you as much value as we can that you are not already receiving elsewhere.
Optomedge Computer SEO


We are very conscious of the shady practices of SEO consultants over the years. Thankfully, Google has refined their rules to reward those that are producing genuine content, while maintaining an active presence online. You tell us which keywords you would like rank highly for and we will outline how you can get there. Fully transparent, while applying our tried and true methods.

  • Results focused, applying our industry expertise
  • Budget-friendly for practices that are just starting out
  • Teaching you the techniques along the way
  • Applying industry best practices from around the world


We are a full service marketing agency with many years experience supporting Optometry practices around the world. We help to give you all the latest tools to be the provider of choice for eye care and fashion eyewear in your local areas.
Optomedge Launch

Concepts and Templates

The idea stage. Pick from one of our existing programs, or dream up your own.
Optomedge Analytics

Timeline and Plan

Being on-time is very important to us. It’s a big part of delivering results, and ensuring you get the best possible ROI. We give you a project calendar to keep track of all your activities.

Design & Development

This is where the magic happens. You can focus on your daily practice operations, while we focus on the marketing side of things.

Reporting and Results

Many of our programs operate on a monthly cycle. You get to review and quantify the benefits to your practice in specific, measurable terms. It’s what inspires our customers to keep re-investing with confidence.


Experienced Over 15 Years!

We recruit and retain experts from the optical industry who can add-value to your practice campaigns.

We Enjoy Our Work!

These days, it takes a fine attention to detail to get results while keeping an eye on ROI.

Fast & Speedy!

We employ scalable methdologies allowing us to get your programs running pronto, so you benefit sooner.

Looking Beyond

Stay one step ahead of your competitors, we give you the tools and support to make it happen.

Small Teams and Big Teams

We support all practices large or small, keeping your end goal in view at all times.

Month to Month - No Contracts

We want you to be fully in control of your investment decisions. Turn campaigns on or off as you see fit.

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