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A light-hearted look at how to improve your practice marketing.

Here is a preview:
i. People visit your web page but do nothing and leave.
ii. You have social media, but no one sees your posts anymore.
iii. Selling contact lenses and accessories online is too complicated.
iv. You have a website but it’s too expensive to pay others to manage it.
v. You have a patient database but you don’t send any messages.
vi. You run promotions, but they don’t work.
vii. You need to reach your 60+ audience, but letters are expensive.
viii. You need some promotional ideas, but you’re too busy.
ix. Your competitors rank higher than you in Google.
x. Your patient retention is declining.
xi. Your new patient onboarding sequence is lackluster.
xii. Your patient loyalty programs are non-existant.

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Optometry Painkillers Newsletter