Online Appointment Technology

Online Appointment Technology Patients looking to manage their busy schedules are increasingly looking to use online appointment technology to book their next eye exam. This is a new opportunity for practices to use digital technology to work for them even outside of practice hours. In reality, website forms have been around for ages providing a simple way […]

    Marketing Automation for Optometry

    Patient Profiles We are living in a world where there are more tools and online services than ever before. Marketing Automation for Optometry is a technology which allows you to schedule your marketing activities and communications in advance, and in response to your customers actions as they interact with your business. For years, marketing automation […]

      How much is a patient worth to you?

      How much is a patient worth to you? This is a difficult and somewhat uncomfortable question to consider when thinking about your practice. The obvious answer is that collectively, your patients are priceless to your practice. However when looking into the business side of optometry, practices need to make money to survive – just to cover […]

        New vs. Existing Patients: Where to Start

        New vs. Existing Patients: Where to Start? It’s one of the first questions that we get asked, and it’s often a source of debate depending on the background of your practice. “I know I should be doing some marketing, but where should I start: new or existing patients?” A practice has many assets which bring […]

          Be Patient with Patient Reviews

          Online Reviews & Patient Review Management Whether you know it or not, your practice has public facing profiles which exist online thanks to Google, Facebook, and a whole variety of public directories including Yellow Pages and other related Health Service Portals. Why is this? There are large volumes of consumers searching online, and content providers are […]

            What’s Your Vision – The Raison D’être

            What’s Your Vision – The Raison D’être Having grown up in a bilingual environment, I benefited from learning some of the subtleties of the French language. Some things just can’t be perfectly translated and the one that comes to mind today is “raison d’être” – the reason for being. As an emerging startup company, we […]