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Patient e-newsletters

We know that patients use search engines to self-diagnose. Then they get confusing results and don’t know what to do.

Be pro-active in being the source of relieable information referring people to reach out you to for their questions, concerns and lifestyle advice.

Pricing: $175/month includes sending!

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We know there are various levels of business support available to practice owners, usually at a significant cost. Our resources focus on turn-key implementation so you won’t need to spend hours tinkering.

Package Price - $499/month​

One price for all 3 patient education tools, monthly e-newsletters, website blog posts, and topical social media posts.

Single Solutions - $175/month

Choose one or more patient content tools to support your teams marketing initiatives. Save yourself the time, ensuring reliable quality.

Blog Posts on your Site

Make your website a destination for regular patient visits. Topical blog posts can help keep your patients connected.

Pricing: $175/month

Suitable for Independent Optometrists

Social Media Posts

Our program is designed to provide a reliable feed of optometry content which establishes your practice as a go-to resource for all things eyewear and eye care.

We have established a themed content series that is a simple way to convey the importance of maintaining lifelong eye health, while being fashionable and seeing at your best!

1 post per week, that’s over 50 posts per year designed for you, with your own themed colours and branding. We release a new content packs continuously!

Pricing: $199/month for posts and scheduling