A Full Range of Services for your Practice

We create a seamless touchpoint with your practice team to take care of marketing tasks which often don't get done. We ensure reliable delivery, and careful crafting of messages that matter to prospective patients.


We follow your current recall process, facilitated by our automated list extraction and streamlined SMS, Email, and Printed Letter communication system.

Google Ads

We run programs focused on what matters… new patients booking appointments. Using Google’s platform and a minimal budget, we get results.

Social Media

It’s more than just posting social content to your page. We purposefully engineer timely messages delivered to a targeted audience, assisted by Facebook Ads

Performance Websites

We build websites with WordPress, the most popular, flexible, and most widely support technology currently available, and we specialise in providing Optical content.


A technical based program where we identify the most important keywords to drive traffic to your website, and improve your Google ranking accordingly.


Did you know that you could track your website visitors from an existing database such as your marketing lists? We bring meaning to reporting.

Email Newsletter

A fresh source of relevant content for your existing patients. This cost effective communication channel helps to keep patients informed.


Ready to promo your next great offer? SMS campaigns with purpose-built landing pages for mobile phones provides a highly effective way of driving business.


Our team is trained in WordPress platform development and systems integration. This opens a whole world of possibilities for taking appointments and adding value for patients online.


Google Adwords has been a longstanding method of promoting business online, with highly advanced algorithms delivering relevant results to people searching online. We are Adwords certified to ensure optimal performance and efficient use of the ad budget.


Facebook continues to evolve it’s business platform and advertising offering. We are continually up to date, and have a proven formula to generate content that gets more page likes from your local area.

Valued Patient

Technology platforms form a key part of our ability to operate scalable marketing programs. ValuedPatient is a key partner, providing marketing automation solutions for healthcare professionals.