40% of Patients still rely on Print

Printed letters still provide an effective medium to reach patients with an eye health or promotional campaign for the latest styles or sale. We make it easy with our web-to-print system which utilizes variable print technology to make sure it's the right message for each patient.

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Communicating with patients via their preferred methods

Patient recall is a key revenue driver; it is the predominant method for getting your patients back into the practice. However, recall rates are difficult to maintain and it’s even more difficult to reverse a declining recall rate. Increased competition is often a reason for this - but just as importantly - consumer behaviour has changed.

Consumers now interact with people and businesses in completely different ways compared to ten years ago. Email has ingrained itself within society, replacing letters and fax. Text messaging has become a quick and easy way for consumers to communicate with friends, family and business. But that’s not to say we all have the same preferences, some of us may prefer text message to email, others prefer letter over email. And your patients are not dissimilar, different patients respond better to different communication methods.

How it works: The Dynamic Patient Recall Process

OptomEDGE's Dynamic Recall service is a process that sends out your recalls using up to three separate communication methods in a cascading sequence. This means you are meeting the differing communication preferences of your patients and have up to four potential touchpoints for each patient


If a patient doesn’t respond to one communication method, they will be sent another communication in the next step. If you don’t have an email address for a patient, not a problem. The patient will first receive an SMS.

We provide you with recommended content for your communications, which you can modify and edit. OptomEDGE also develops your artwork aligned with your practice’s branding. Then all you have to do is confidentially provide your patient contact details - which will always remain confidential - and we do the rest.

Practice Benefits

Increase recall response

Increase appointments

Retain existing patients

Reduce recall costs

Very little effort required, set and forget

Communicate with patients the way they want

Communication methods adhere to legal requirements

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