Patient Recall Programs

Your existing patients are a very important part of your ongoing practice sustainability. Patient recalls can be a delicate process, now that communication channels include SMS, Email, and still printed letters to maintain optimal effectiveness. It's important to be able to convey extra value-add versus what may be available at your competitor down the road.

See below to review our Patient Recall monthly management programs. We have flexible month-to-month services meaning that you can experience the benefit without any lock-in or commitment.

Important Phase: Consider the Patient Needs

Seeking Solutions

Booking Appointment

Patient Journey

Do you know your patient demographics?

Depending on your business model, practices have different strategies to compete for the patient in search of their next eye test and optical purchase... paying attention to your local demographics can be a simple way to deliver messages which are on point.

Choose one of our Patient Recall Programs

Maintaining an effective recall rate is the key to keeping the appointment book full. Existing methods driven from legacy Practice Management Systems are a major liability... today's patient expects modern technology and communication systems, combined with the ability to schedule appointments electronically.


We follow your current recall process, facilitated by our automated list extraction and streamlined SMS, Email, and Printed Letter communication system.

Social Media

It’s more than just posting social content to your page. We purposefully engineer timely messages delivered to a targeted audience, assisted by Facebook Ads


Ready to promo your next great offer? SMS campaigns with purpose-built landing pages for mobile phones provides a highly effective way of driving business.