Every successful Optometry practice is built upon a healthy mix of New Patients, Existing Patients, and Long-Term Loyal Patients.

New patients can come from many sources such as word-of-mouth, online search, or in response to advertising. We help you identify the most efficient path so you can focus on optimal new patient onboarding.

A significant part of the value of your practice is how many active patients you have. Running an effective recall program ensures that patients are motivated to come back for their next eye appointment, in a timely manner.
Everything from a simple gift-with-purchase, to seasonal promotions and special events. Optometry patients are unique in the way that clinical service is the primary need, but there is a significant retail aspect to frame and lens selection that can drive on-going patient loyalty.


We ensure that your team is well equiped to explore areas of marketing that have good potential to improve your practice performance. We offer free initial assessments and provide a clear roadmap for how to achieve the results you are looking for.