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We too are very cautious about how to invest in the tools that will make a difference that can be felt, and measured. We recommend tools that are best suited to achieving your goal.

Starting with our entry-level programs, you can achieve per month at least...


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Our 60 Day Development Process

We aim to have your website completed and ready for handover within 60 days once we have received the brief to start on the project.

1) Stage One: Initialisation

Here we set you up and gather some initial information about you and your website to move you to stage two. We provide you with all the information you need about the design process.

2) Stage Two: Data Collection

In this phase we gather all relevant information from you for your website including:
Practice & contact information, Competitors, Copywriting, Images, Style Information (e.g. Colours, look and feel, likes and dislikes)

3) Stage Three: Design (Time: Approx – 3 weeks)

In this phase we'll complete the design of your website.
A. Template Choice: We have a few templates you can choose from which will form the basis of your website.
B. Wire frames : We will design a website based on your needs, goals and style choices.
C. Review & Approval: Once you have reviewed and approve the design we will move onto the development of your website.

4) Stage Four: Development (Time: Approx – 5 weeks)

In this phase we'll create your website based on the approved design.
Once the website has been reviewed and approved we will move onto the handover.

5) Stage Five: Handover

In this phase we will migrate your website from our testing environment to the live environment.

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